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Hi there, I’m so glad you’re here!

You can call me Letty. I was nicknamed after my character, not the other way around. I wrote a YA Fantasy trilogy called Messengers when I was fourteen, and after a decade of watering and growing those seedlings into something I’m proud of, the books are releasing via small press Written Dreams Publishing in 2022-24!

Aside from MessengersI have a standalone prequel called Cloud 9 undergoing revisions, and am drafting a new series across the pond from Messengerstentatively called the Aurea Trilogy. Currently, I am querying the first Aurea book in the hopes of snatching an agent and getting—eek—traditionally published. Come along for the ride!

"Unique world-building coupled with an exciting story make this YA novel hard to put down. A.L. Mundt is definitely an author to follow!"
Lisanne Norman
Author of the Sholan Alliance series