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I have been putting stories to paper since I was just three years old. Admittedly, though, they weren’t any good back then. An author and editor with a degree in Creative Writing and Fine Art, I look forward to seeing where the publication world takes me. Currently, I am working as an editorial assistant at Sourcebooks, writing new books, moonlighting as my cat’s secret agent, and am always looking for more projects to get my grubby little hands into.

A love for the sublime in the northern wilderness fuels my Messengers trilogy, with Water & Earth marking its first installment and my first publication. I have an addiction to gritty, well-written YA fantasy, and am working towards writing lots of it myself. Environmentalism and social justice issues are at my core, and I am looking forward to a lifetime exploring the full scope of the planet and all who inhabit it.

Aside from writing and painting cats sitting on toilets, I like watching figure skating streams during work, pretending to be a pirate, and eating Spaghettios like it’s 2005. I dream of one day owning a pet squirrel named Daniel, visiting Eyjafjallaj√∂kull (and learning how to pronounce it), and recovering from a lifetime of having Chicken Run as my favorite movie.