The Gist of It

As well as an author and artist, I am also a practicing editor and copy editor for fiction and nonfiction. I am currently employed at Written Dreams Publishing and Melange Books, and available for freelance work. I have my BFA in English (Creative Writing) and can give references upon request.

To contact me about editing your work, use the CONTACT page above and pick your method of choice! I will get back to you in 1-3 business days.


If for some reason I take on your project and am unable to complete it, your upfront money will be fully refunded.

Books I’ve Edited:

The Curious, Mysterious Happenings of Valentino and the MYSTC Lions

by JJ Kat

Scorpion Wind

by Joseph Mosca

Sara's Sacrifice

by Flo Parfitt

Becoming American

by Callie J. Trautmiller

The Dark Queen

by Dana Gricken

The Dark Evolution

by Dana Gricken

The Dark Cage

by Dana Gricken

Three Days to Choose

by Celeste Joy

The Case of Shadow Revenge

by D.A. Kori Prier


by Seth Voorhees

Zana West's Diary

by Katharine M. Nohr


by Dallas Hembra

Easy Save

by Charles M. Dupuy

The Slim Chance Tour

by Shawn Michael Bitz

Thread of Evidence

by Valerie J. Routhieaux

And It'll Be Alright

by multi-platinum recording artist Rick Roberts

The Girl Behind the Numbers

by Tatiana McArthur

The Tell-all Guide to Airbnb Hosting

by Deborah Voll


Manuscript Copy Editing

Copy editing is proofreading bumped up a few notches. It’s the backbone of your story, all the nitty-gritty that makes up the big picture when you step back.

What’s Included:

● Basic grammar, punctuation, and formatting. Is the sentence correct? How about the dialogue tags? The spelling? Do you keep the same tense throughout the story? This is the normal proofreading procedure.

● Style check. I go sentence by sentence and make suggestions for how to improve readability. This may include removing passive voice, unnecessary details, clunky adverbs, and other flow-related work.

● Repetition check. Have you used the same word or phrase twice in the same paragraph? How about page? How about twelve different times across the manuscript? Repetition checks ensure the story is as concise and precise as possible.

● Technical consistency. Spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, you name it. Do you use email and e-mail interchangeably? How about toward/towards? I can and will catch it!

● Story consistency. I will make sure your characters keep the same eye color, your locations stay put, days of the week are in order, and no small plot point turns into a loose, unforgotten thread.

● Point of view. This one gets its own category. I will check your POV switches to make sure they’re clear, they happen where they’re supposed to, and there are no slips in the middle of scenes.


● I charge $15/hr for copy editing at a pace of ~10 single-spaced pages an hour, depending on the manuscript.

● I will do a free sample hour of edits for you and give you an estimate of your project’s time/cost before you commit.

● All copy edits are done through the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word, with clarifying comments left as necessary.


Manuscript Editing

Editing is the real deal. It’s handling the content of the brain-baby you’ve spent this long nursing, and making sure it’s as healthy as it can be for its respective market. My editing is primarily for audience reaction, marketability, and readability.

What’s Included:

● Copyediting. Everything listed above is also included in an edit. It will be the final readthrough of your manuscript, after all the bigger-picture questions are handled.

● Showing, not telling. I watch out for areas where backstory or explanation is dumped into the story, and advise on where it might be gently drizzled in along the way instead.

● Story progression. How is your pacing? Your character development? Do you have transitions that move like clockwork, and an ending that completes the story logically and agreeably? I am not looking to corral authors into traditional story arcs and cheesy happy endings, but I am looking for a story that makes sense and will work satisfactorily for your target audience.

● Realism. I don’t mean getting rid of the magic–that’s, like, the best part!–but making your story plausible for the world it’s in. If it’s fantasy/sci-fi, does your worldbuilding make sense? If it’s a cop drama, are you using correct police protocol? Are your characters getting stabbed through the back and suffering only a day’s bed rest? Could all of your events really happen?

● Scene-by-scene. Does every scene contribute in some way to the plot or character development? If not, I’ll give suggestions to rewrite or cut it out. If I feel like you’re missing a scene that could help you out, I’ll give you suggestions for writing that, too.


● I charge $20/hr for content editing at a pace of 5-10 single-spaced pages an hour, depending on the manuscript.

● I will do a free sample hour of edits for you and give you an estimate of your project’s time/cost before you commit.

● All copy edits are done through the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word, with all content suggestions done through comments.