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The Aurea Trilogy

The Aurea Trilogy is a NA fantasy series. I am currently drafting its third and final book (eee!). They will be pitched to agents in the upcoming year.

“The trick to stealing from an Aurean,” said Lei with emphasis, “is to tell them you aren’t stealing at all.”

Book I: Forged in Bronze

Lei Lancaster does not get caught. Five years after his beloved Ven was kidnapped, Lei, heartbroken and unmoored, has grown into a charming, untouchable thief, weaseling his way into pockets and panties. On a drunken dare, Lei ventures outside Aurea’s Magicfolk wall, which keeps out enemy chimeras, vampires, and silver-skinned Argentfolk. When he stumbles face-first into a stranger’s plan to assassinate Aurea’s prince, Lei is ready to pull one of his infamous escapes…until he learns Prince Raven might be Ven, the king’s captive all this time. And what sort of thief wouldn’t try to steal back the one person who made him feel honest? 

Except, then Lei does get caught: in the war he starts when Magicfolk are blamed for Raven’s disappearance, and in the shocking truths his heist uncovers. It turns out, Magicfolk aren’t Aurea’s real enemy, but they’ll be Lei’s if he doesn’t help them fix this mess. Not to mention, frigid Prince Raven isn’t the downy-hearted Ven that Lei remembers, and he loathes the selfish crook Lei’s become. If Lei doesn’t pull out his best cons and coin-flips to defend these supernatural strangers against the king’s violent plans, it won’t just be his “uncatchable” reputation he loses, but his love—and his life.


Lei Lancaster

Nolly Bellator

Covell Chevon


Mari Capricorn

Jetmir Lekaj


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