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Hi there, I’m so glad you’re here!

You can call me Letty. I wrote a YA Fantasy trilogy called Messengers when I was fourteen, and after a decade of watering and growing those seedlings into something I’m proud of (and being nicknamed after my very first character, who is ironically nothing like me), the books are releasing via small press in 2022-24!

Aside from MessengersI have a standalone prequel called Cloud 9 undergoing revisions, and I have agent representation for a new adult fantasy series across the pond from Messengers: the Aurea Trilogy. My agent and I are currently working on edits for its first book in the hopes of going on submission to traditional publishers in spring 2024. Come along for the ride!

"Unique world-building coupled with an exciting story make this YA novel hard to put down. A.L. Mundt is definitely an author to follow!"
Lisanne Norman
Author of the Sholan Alliance series


Represented by: Rebecca Matte at Bradford Literary Agency