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I have been putting stories to paper since I was just three years old. Admittedly, though, they weren’t any good back then. An assistant editor at Bloom Books by day, an exhausted writer by early morning, and an OwnVoices champion for queer, neurodiverse joy always, my connections and positioning experience from the industry lead my current and future projects, all of which center underrepresented voices.

A love for the sublime in the northern wilderness fuels my Messengers trilogy, with Water & Earth marking its first installment and my first publication. I have an addiction to adventurous, whimsy-led fantasy, and plan on writing lots of it myself.

When I’m not writing or editing, I’m watching figure skating livestreams, moonlighting as my pirate queen cat’s trusted quartermaster, and eating Spaghettios like it’s 2005. I dream of one day owning a pet squirrel named Daniel, visiting Eyjafjallajökull (and learning how to pronounce it), and recovering from a lifetime of having Chicken Run as my favorite movie.