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The Aurea Trilogy

book one: Heart of Bronze

Lei is the kingdom’s slickest (read: silliest) thief—it should be no trouble to steal back his lost love. Except, it’s the king who kidnapped him. Except, a race of dangerous, mythical people are blamed for the heist, and now they’re pissed.


Covell Chevon

“You work hard, you get what you deserve”

25 | ISTP | he/him

He is: Honest, no-nonsense, hardworking, ambitious, level-headed

Likes: Acknowledgment, hard work, brooding, buying Nolly bracelets

Dislikes: Liars, being one of many, his parents, getting tangled in Lei’s schemes

Skills: Lifting heavy stuff, guard training, staying cool and collected

Nolly Bellator

“Not just a bartender”

20 | ENFJ | she/her

She is: Practical, kind, trusting, fiery, an advocate

Likes: Putting together pieces, sword practice with the girls, flowers, yellow blouses, running her father’s bar

Dislikes: King Erebus, sexist guards, taxes, alcohol and alcohol-fueled BS

Skills: Combat, crafting and engineering, social justice, endless patience

Lei Lancaster

“Good times and bad wine”

19 | ESFP | he/him

He is: Weaselly, silly, selfish, charismatic, impossible

Likes: Cheating for profit, trespassing, stealing shiny trinkets, mixed metaphors, drinking to cope, making Raven blush

Dislikes: Facing who he’s become, losing Raven, getting caught, feeling guilty

Skills: Speedy fingers and feet, climbing, hiding, shenanigans, flirting

Raven of Aurea

“A boy built around a prince”

18 | ISTJ | he/him

He is: Regal, aloof, mysterious, soft-spoken, vulnerable

Likes: Clean fingernails, quiet evenings, watching the stars, soft fabrics, Lei (don’t tell anyone)

Dislikes: Jokes he doesn’t get, remembering his time at the castle, heights, loud noises

Skills: Fencing, etiquette, sign language, weathering Lei’s terrible puns

Mari Capricorn

“All she’s ever wanted is to keep us safe”

23 | ISTJ | she/her

She is: Private, stoic, tireless, blunt, a leader

Likes: Being needed, feeding the Timebirds, herb-collecting, belts, closing the door behind her

Dislikes: Being needed (it’s complicated), trusting Aureans, old white politicians, thinking of her past life

Skills: Weather magic, diplomacy, keeping everyone in line

Jetmir Lekaj

“Silver of the Second—sorry, Second of the Silver Forest”

18 | ENFP | he/him

He is: Chirpy, adventurous, codependent, loyal, gullible

Likes: Cool rocks, pockets to put them in, Mari, storytelling, making friends

Dislikes: When Mari’s out of sight, being put in charge, and not much else!

Skills: Weather magic, great aim, endless pockets, staying positive

Character art by @feluart!

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